cv – jemi gale

2020 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) (First Class Honours), Victorian College of the Arts
2019 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) – Painting, Victorian College of the Arts

Solo / Collaborative exhibitions
whole fish (with Mei Leong, Angela Gale, Jonno Revanche, Madeline Simm, Kirby Casilli, Luyuan Zhang, Michael Kennedy, En.V, Katie Dey + Cal Birchall, Eleanor Amor, gi, Kyle Stanton, Matilda Davis, Rumer Elisabetta Guario, Marlo Mogensen, Nunzie Madden, Ari Tampubolon, Jess Tan, Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Jennifer Mathews, Ruby Fitzgerald, Sophie Cassar, Sadie Magdalene, + Alexandra Nemarič), FELTspace, Adelaide 
nothing is more important that hanging out (with Sarah Brasier, Nat Thomas, + friends), Outer Space, Brisbane
donut king (paintings about love) (with Jennifer Mathews, Jess Tan, Luyuan Zhang, Jackie De Lacy, and Brayden van Meurs), Suite7a, Sydney
stick head here (with Brayden van Meurs), Seventh Gallery 
drowning curse (with Aida Azin, Alexandra Nemarič, Brayden van Meurs, Krishan Meepe, Levi Neeson, Luci Avard, Matthew Harris, Panda Wong, Ruby Fitzgerald, Sol Fernandez, + artist name withheld), TCB
i'll always know i'm not enough to even make you think (with Aida Azin, Brayden van Meurs, Jennifer Mathews, + Chloe Puddin), Cathedral Cabinet
if the pain is endless how can i live, Kings Artist Run
free them, Irene Rose
If Only You Were Lonely (with Michael Kennedy) curated by Matthew Harris, Bus Projects

Group exhibitions
tbc organised by Lily Golightly, popup studio 813 [forthcoming, december 2023]
tbc organised by Suite7a, Petersham Town Hall, Sydney [forthcoming, november 2023] 
Then Sharply Turns (collaboration with in collaboration with skramzwife, Fleur, Luyuan Zhang, Jess Tan, Marlo Mogensen, Matilda Davis, mararara, Gigi De Lacy + Rumer Elisabetta Guario), Conners Conners
With You Nano Gallery, Sydney
(collaboration with Mia Sokolic) curated by Madeleine Minack + Arthur Dimitriou, Caves 
Grimace curated by Nicholas Currie, Temporalities Gallery
Text Tile
curated by Madeline Simm, Anna Fiedler, + Tia Ansell, Caves
5x7 Art Prize Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre
Kiss My Art organised by Aretha Brown, Schoolhouse Studios
The Impressionists curated by Sarah Brasier and William Hawkins, Blindside
Choose Happiness (including collaborations with Katherine Botten, and Michael Kennedy) curated by Serena Bentley, Murray Art Museum Albury
tea time, within ‘cat toys & paperweights’ (Brayden van Meurs’ solo exhibition) TCB
I Am Here (collaboration with EN.V) curated by Katherine Hattam, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
such structures might not be predeterminable (collaboration with Jackie De Lacy) organised by Marian Tubbs, Byron School of Art, Mullumbimby
Slime & Ashes curated by Matthew Harris, West Space
Hopeful / Hopeless, Signal (online)
On Kindness and Care curated by Vikki McInnes, Assembly Point (online)
private opulence public squalor organised by Matthew Harris and Sarah Brasier, offsite
From Heart + Mind, Dax Centre
out is out, Wyndham Art Gallery
friends and family (collaboration with Matthew Harris), Daine Singer
toys r us (collaboration with Brayden van Meurs), Second Space Projects
and on the eyes, black sleep of night curated by Sarah Brasier, Firstdraft, Sydney
Kaleidoscope (collaboration with Beth Downing) curated by Brigit Maher and loserunit, The Dirty Dozen
Machines don’t have eyes but birds do c3, Artspace
it's a night in the north pole and the elf take the pot off the stove been cooking some reindeer stew looking out the window rudolph's nose glowing in the distance elf thinks cant believe they ate the second last reindeer ever in a simple stew so they go to see rudolph another elf stops them holds them at cane-point says give me all your toys elf 1 emptys pockets of every toy and goes home has shower lays in bed forever or at least what feels like forever, wishing that the day never started and they were back in bed the night before when everything was so much better and simpler
TL;DR - christmas show,
Pee Pee Gallery HQ
Playing With Matches curated by Peter Waples-Crowe and Chiara Scafidi, Incinerator Gallery
and on the eyes, black sleep of night curated by Sarah Brasier, Seventh Gallery
Signal Curators: Layered, The Dirty Dozen
Collectively, West Space
The Union Art Collection: Recent acquisitions 2016-18 and selected works (collaboration with Kyle Stanton), George Paton Gallery
at Pee Pee Gallery + Poo Poo Gallery, The Band Presents
been thinkin about all this ooh no spider landed on me while writing this Hey this is spider speaking. what's uuup! (collaboration with Kyle Stanton), Pee Pee Gallery + Poo Poo Gallery at Bus Projects Bathroom
Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts
Proud, VCA Artspace
EOD Wednesday curated by ichikawaedward, 33 Tinning Street, Brunswick
survival.reproduction.death, offsite
What Are Chives Good For (collaboration with Michael Kennedy), Living Museum of the West
Proud, Margaret Lawrence Gallery
Painting as an Object (collaboration with Anna Savage) curated by Christopher LG Hill, VCA Artspace
Dero Arcade Group Show 001 curated by Jack Mannix, Trocadero Art Space
A Call for Nonsense curated by Daniel Ward and Slam Ross, SOMA Gallery
Other Other curated by Peter Waples Crowe and Pila Darling, Wyndham Art Gallery
Mine (collaboration with Katherine Botten), Fort Delta
Proud, Margaret Lawrence Gallery
So Fresh, VCA Student Gallery
Create to Relate, Signal
Mapping with Miso (collaboration with Stanislava Pinchuk), Signal
Art bed installation + Signal 37 Showcase, Signal + MPavillion

Curatorial projects
4am flaming arrows Bundoora Homestead Art Centre  — Alexandra Nemarič, Anita Cummins, Jess Tan, Jordan Sibley, Katherine Botten, Lara Chamas, Matilda Davis, Nunzie Madden, Sarah Brasier, + William Hawkins 
true colours Bus Projects — Sophie Cassar, Peter Waples-Crowe, Sab D’Souza, Jordana Bragg, Nick Mullaly, Aida Azin, Alana Rivera Kingston, Sam Petersen, Alex Cuffe, leilani fuimaono + mòrag undulating jones
ska paintings Pee Pee Gallery — Mladen Lalic Milinković, Isabella Darcy, Egg Nest, Loser Unit, Jess Tan + James Cooper, Anna Savage, + Tama Sharman
hous George Paton Gallery — Jennifer Mathews, Rumer Guario, Brayden van Meurs, + Jemi Gale,
frog art show cage, VCA — Brayden, Rumer, Evangela, Chloe, Savanna, Kye, Abella, Scout + Egg Nest
38% cucumber George Paton Gallery Project Spaces — AliaS, Anith Mukherjee, Spit Arioli, Camille Ham, Milo Riekstins, and Michael Kennedy

Writing + Readings
there is no fire, un Projects
Read the Room (end of workshop readings), Bar Flippys
talking practice in Problem Solving edited by Stacey Collee
true colours, no more poetry 
Sad Girls Artspace Aotearoa (for Natasha Matila Smith’s 'I Think You Like Me But I’ve Been Wrong About These Things Before')
Cyndi Lauper is the only person who cares about me (or) Anne Sexton as a pop girl in un Magazine 14.1 edited by Elena Gomez and Rosie Isaac
alive but so dead inside self-published
trapezium poem exhibition text for Madeline Simm 'Light of a Clear Blue Morning'
Fix003 collaboration with Rumer Guario, Buxton Contemporary
West Space Fundraiser West Space
[offsite] secret carlton location
Fix002 collaboration with Rumer Guario, MPavillion
in support of Two Steps on the Water Gasometer Hotel
Sleepover Club: Forum organised by Daniel Ward and Sleepover Club, Norma Redpath House
poetry at Quiet revolutions and enfant terribles organised by Marian Tubbs and Autumn Royal, Station

Emily Kostos, ‘Then Sharply Turns’ un Projects, 5 May 2023
Tiarney Miekus, ‘Text Tile’ The Age, 3 July 2022
Audrey Pfister, ‘Jemi Gale: donut king (paintings about love)’ Memo Review, 22 June 2022
Audrey Schmidt, ‘Claire Lambe, Dart Object and Jemi Gale, drowning curse’ Memo Review, 6 March 2021
Tai Snaith, Smart Arts, RRR FM, 27 February 2020
Random (re)View 13 August 2019

Dax Centre

Professional development
Nexus, Arts Access Victoria