i can be nothing or love you (2022)
acrylic paint, nail polish, and fabric (from Tay's fabric collection) on paper, 212 x 150 cm
installed alongside
this could be heartbreak (fan art for Sophie)(2016) acrylic paint and sticker on paper — , photo print of grimace shoes by twitter user @losersupport, 'aloneliness' (2022) a poem written in pen (from James) on paper (from Nick), custom badges by Orie Wood, laurie dees receipt (in collaboration with Sam Eisen), photo print of Victoria Beckham walking into a burger store, 2 of 3 bracelets won at the arcade with Jordan and Tay, photo print of platypus creek with collage and tape

in Grimace curated by Nicholas Currie, Temporalities Gallery, Naarm, 2022


practicing joy
licking the ocean water off your feet
eat my own meal and then eat yours
flying interstate for love
medium friends
need to make time to not think about u

sleep in your bed and hold hands
read all of your stories
letting someone be nice to you for the first time in your life
i'll mistake friendliness for friendship
does anybody want ____

blackpink sing tell me when you're ready because im already ready
and ecco2k wake up happy
only u
only u
only u

i think about everyone i love
strategy where u speak to yourself with compassion
when sab told me they were here i could feel it
but they can't tell me that anymore
most liveable city in the world

i started asking people about their experiences of loneliness