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paintings for sale via suite7a paired with perfume from Pink Manor Decant Club 
There is No Fire for un Extended

upcoming show: may 17 @ the retreat hotel, brunswick w Sidney Phillips + Lil Ket, Blood Lotus, Katie Dey, Lalić,+ Zourry

poster by Giulia Kelly @gooplia
never falter hero girl (2023)
acrylic paint, oil stick, collage, canvas
76 x 76 cm
album cover for Katie Dey
photography by Cal Elizabeth Birchall

only u (2023)
produced + co-written by June Jones
mixed + mastered by Becki Whitton
cover art by Rumer Elisabetta Guario
Emotion Punk Records
m/v directed + edited by Luyuan Zhang 
cure to loneliness – in collaboration with skramzwife, Fleur, Luyuan Zhang, Jess Tan, Marlo Mogensen, Matilda Davis, mararara, Gigi De Lacy + Rumer Elisabetta Guario (2023)
acrylic paint, oil stick, lipstick, collage (including elements from Katie Dey, Mei Leong, Mia Sokolic, Billie Stimpson, and Orie Wood), nail polish, pen (gifted by Ed Mondegreen), canvas, spray paint, staples
215 x 315 cm
in Then Sharply Turns, Conners Conners, Melbourne, 2023
photography by Michael Kennedy
whole fish (with Mei Leong, Angela Gale, Jonno Revanche, Madeline Simm, Kirby Casilli, Luyuan Zhang, Michael Kennedy, En.V, Katie Dey + Cal Birchall, Eleanor Amor, gi, Kyle Stanton, Matilda Davis, Rumer Elisabetta Guario, Marlo Mogensen, Nunzie Madden, Ari Tampubolon, Jess Tan, Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Jennifer Mathews, Ruby Fitzgerald, Sophie Cassar, Sadie Magdalene, + Alexandra Nemarič)
FELTspace, Adelaide, 2023
photography by Thomas McCammon